Fire Helmet Road Bell


Have you ever noticed that small Bell on someone's Motorcycle and wondered why it was there? It's more than just a decoration - it has a very specific function.
As we all know, life has many mysteries that have no apparent solutions. One of these is Evil Road Spirits. They are little gremlins that love motorcycles. They love to ride and they are also responsible for most of the problems your ride has. Sometimes your turn signals refuse to work, the battery goes dead, the clutch needs adjustment or any of several hundred other things go wrong. These problems are caused by EVIL ROAD SPIRITS. (The Harley Gods can't help this situation).
Evil Road Spirits can't live in the presence of a Bell.  Among other things, their hearing is supersensitive. The constant ringing of the Bell drives them insane. They loose their grip and eventually fall onto the roadway. (Have you ever wondered how Pot-Holes are formed?, now you know.)
The Bell has served it?s purpose. (No, it will not make you a better rider, only Practice, Practice and more Practice will help do this.)
If you have picked up a Bell of your own, the magic of the Bell will work in some ways, BUT if you were given the Bell by a good friend, the power of the Bell has been doubled and you will always know that somewhere out there you have a Very Special Friend that is helping to look after you.
When placing the Bell on your bike, the closer to the ground the better. (Don't give those little critters a chance to get aboard.)
The Bell,  will eliminate the Evil Road Spirits.
Buy one for yourself or give a Friend a BELL and let them know how much you care.

We recommend mounting the bell with a leather lace, which allows it to move without stressing the ring.